Philosophy In The Wild

Experimental Workshops on Environmental Philosophy


PhilWild's second annual conference in our Environmental Philosophy series will be held June 17-June 19, 2022, at Ridley Creek State Park in Media, Pennsylvania!


Our keynote speaker, Romy Opperman (The New School for Social Research) will present "'Bury Me in a Free Land': Grounding Abolition Ecology." The program is listed below, and you may see the full schedule         

Our conference will be fully outdoors and technology-free (phones and screens off); we look forward to hosting you in the "wild"!

Registration is now open for June 18 and June 19, but space is limited. Please register here

The conference brings together scholars working in and around environmental philosophy. This year, we will focus on the following themes.

  • environment and race

  • environment and values

  • the meaning of 'nature'

In addition to our keynote speaker, we will hear talks from the following scholars.


  • Caitlin Fitchett, "Geoengineering, Indigenous Conceptions of the Value of Nature, and Public     Discourse"

  • James Garrison, "The Trolley Problem… In Space! (Spoiler: Humans Are the Trolley)"

  • Kate Nicole Hoffman, "Nature from Whose Perspective? Nature-based Solutions and Artificial Analogs"

  • Karen Houle & Suzanne McCullagh, "Environmental Philosophizing with Worms"

  • Sam Kellogg, "Despoiling the Wild: Wilderness, Technology, and the Ideal of Communication"

  • Arthur Obst, "Wilderness and the Question of Intellectual Humility"

  • Alessandro Ramón Moscarítolo Palacio, "Forging a New Relationship with Nature: Lessons from the Indigenous Philosophy of Abya Yala-the Americas"

  • Nisha Poyyaprath Rayaroth, "The Journeys of Elephants"

2022's event is funded by the Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium.

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About the Organizers


Maja is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. She works primarily on the history and metaphysics of science, especially biology. 


Mike Gadomski

Mike is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. He works at the intersection of metaethics and political philosophy, particularly global justice.


Zachary Agoff

Zach is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. He works primarily on early modern metaphysics, ethics, and, in particular, their intersection.